Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hello Readers (Jennie & others if there are any)!

I have started this blog as an assignment for my Environmental Writing class. This is my final project for the semester. I chose to write a blog because a blog can be whatever you want it to be. You can choose to be informative or just make it your journal. I feel like I combined the two, I am very informative and provide evidence for that information. However, I still have a voice, which makes it seem journal-like. The combination of the two can be beneficial because it can draw the reader in, unlike only presenting plain and boring information. For this reason, I chose to begin the first blog (“R-R-R!”) with a little bit of a story; it is sort of my thought process (like a journal). I remembered seeing the movie and this led me to think about recycling. I also made it my first entry because it is introducing the topic: recycling. While in the second entry, I chose to give information that is more detailed about recycling. An important part of that blog entry is that I include suggestions with links for the readers. I got the idea to suggest things from other blogs that I have read in the past. Finally, if this was an actual blog to be run, I would change the URL to something about the environment and I would try to promote it on websites about the environment and recycling. I would also consider it somewhat of a lifestyle blog, because it could lead to people changing their daily lives. In order to encourage recycling efforts and reach out to more people adding it to the list of lifestyle blogs would be a good idea. Another great aspect of a blog is that when people search for recycling information it could end up being one of the search results and lead them to my blog! The audience is anyone who is interested in the environment, recycling or helping out the planet, as well as those who are curious about the harmful effects of not protecting our planet.


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